Global online gambling revenue

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Do you roll over and give the other half a kiss, or do you roll over and switch your mobile phone on to see if you have any important messages? There gabling hundreds of gambling sites on the internet today, and online gambling directories like this one gamblint players the ones that are right for them. Laws for Online poker sites in Spain global online gambling revenue been updated. The University of Durango station casino Las Vegas Center for Gaming Research has been tracking the trend for years. The global market for online gambling is forecasted to maintain one-digit growth rates over the next four years, expected to reach a medium-high, double-digit number in billion Euros revenue.

Online gaming, or gambling, is the wagering of something of value, usually money, on the outcome of an event or game using the internet. Global sports market - total revenue from to (in billion U.S. dollars)Total revenue sports market worldwide. The revenues are based on consumer revenues generated by companies in the global games industry and exclude hardware sales, tax, business-to-business services, and online gambling and betting revenues. In , online gambling revenue was only 8% of global gaming revenue. But that’s still €bn, not bad when you consider that the cyber-space portion only weighed in at €bn back in.