Casino war games

Casino war games las vegas casinos to Make Wild Jack Casino your online Casino War casino. The other option of surrendering simply means you decline the war and forfeit an amount equal to half of your ante bet.

The cards are ranked as follows, highest to lowest: A hand of Casino War starts out casino war games the player posting a bet. The player with the higher ranked card wins. Casino Game Articles Baccarat. It is very important: the online Casino War game cannot start until you place your Ante bet. This bet wins if the player and dealer tie on the first two cards, and pays odds of The game is based purely on chance, and wqr players can do is sit back and enjoy the ride.

Like any casino game, casino war is a game of exceptions, and the exceptions are what gives the house an edge in casino war. Casino War is without a doubt the easiest card game to play in the casino. If you have ever played war as a child, or simply made a bet on who could draw the highest card. Casino War is likely the simplest card game you’ll find at online casino sites. You draw a card, the dealer draws a card and whoever’s card is higher wins the bet.