Mccartney epiphone casino

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These guitars will be every last drop of great as the originals from the s. Casinos Royale: In the mid Sixties, Epiphone got the nod from the reigning kings of pop when the Beatles made the budget-priced Casino their choice of electric guitar. The Epiphone Casino is also known as model ETD. Pickup Selector 3-way Switchcraft toggle. This is not the case, as the Casino is built very differently on the inside.

Пол Маккартни выбрал Epiphone Casino в качестве своей первой американской гитары, за и восстановление серии Masterbilt, а также перевыпуск модели Paul McCartney USA Texan. The Epiphone Casino still has the same classic look, sound, and features that have made it the go-to guitar for two generations of artists including Paul McCartney, Paul Weller, Noel Gallagher. "Я имел обыкновение изредка играть на ней, - вспоминает Маккартни в книжке Барри Майлза "Paul McCartney: Many Years From Now", - потому что труба была тогда Epiphone Casino.